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At our Clinic you will receive new effective physiotherapy program for your long-lasting recovery from pain and other symptoms of arthritis in hands, neck, back, knees, hips, shoulders, as well as from other painful conditions.
The core of our program is the patented Regenerative Photonic Therapy (RPT, Ref. 1). RPT treatments are delivered using medical devices LEP 2000™ Photonic Therapy System. LEP 2000™ medical devices use specially configured light beams from lasers and light-emitting diodes (LED) to produce pain relief and improve tissue healing.
RPT LEP 2000™ medical devices and clinical treatment protocols were developed by Canadian scientists Dr. Norman Salansky, PhD, and Dr. Natasha Salansky, PhD, under grants support from Canadian government. Regenerative Photonic Therapy is the advancement in efficacy of low-level laser and LED therapy (photobiomodulation).
RPT LEP 2000™ was proven in clinical studies, including double-blind ones, to provide fast (after 1-3 treatments, Ref. 2, pages 18-20) and lasting pain relief for pain in joints, osteoarthritis, back pain, frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome (Refs. 1-6). Recent double blind study confirmed high efficacy of RPT LEP 2000™ for pain relief and mobility improvement in patients with chronic knee osteoarthritis (Ref. 6).
Pain and Arthritis Physiotherapy Clinic Entrance Since the inception of our clinic in 1990, thousands of patients with challenging, painful conditions completely recovered and many surgeries have been avoided.

Regenerative Photonic Therapy was previously known as Low Energy Photon (Photonic) Therapy. Currently, MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) term for "Regenerative Photonic Therapy" in the US National Library of Medicine is "Low Level Laser and Light Therapy", Salansky Protocols.

Watch and read below the stories of
wonderful, long-lasting recoveries.
You Too Can Be Our Joint Success Story!

Cecile's story

A Lady golfer recovered from advanced knee arthritis. Cecile, 72, recovered completely from advanced knee arthritis and played golf thereafter for 11 tears.
Years ago Cecile developed severe pain in her knees. Prior to that, she was an avid golfer. However, because of the knee pain, she stopped golfing. MRI revealed osteoarthritis complicated with meniscus tear, large complex cyst in the left knee, and Baker's Cyst and bone marrow edema in the right knee.
Conventional physiotherapy didn't help. Surgery appeared to be the only option without a promise of full recovery. Instead, Cecile received a full course of Regenerative Photonic Therapy combined with special exercises at our Clinic. Cecile recovered completely. Since her recovery, she had been playing golf until 11 years later, when we contacted her over phone.
The key to Cecile's remarkable recovery was the healing power of special forms of laser- and LED monochromatic lights that were applied at each treatment using a medical device LEP 2000™, followed by special exercises. A major problem is that in many painful conditions, including arthritis, the damaged tissues lose their inherent ability for self healing. In simple terms, RPT lights provide damaged tissues with vital resources required for tissue healing: they increase blood supply and cell energy, and reduce inflammation.
Moreover, Cecile committed to the full program of Regenerative Photonic Physiotherapy that combined RPT at home using LEP 2000™ device with progressive weight training exercises to get ready for golfing. She had also been trained how to perform a maintenance program for her knees to keep them healthy for many years to come.
In her letter to us Cecile wrote, "I am happy I can golf 18 holes and walk the entire course. I am so thankful for this wonderful therapy."

Chan's story

Chan, 69, completely recovered from frozen shoulder and enjoyed his favorite activities for 11 years thereafter.
In 2007, Chan sustained a fall and injured his left shoulder. MRI revealed small full tears and tendinosis in his both supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons and some arthritic changes in the shoulder. The shoulder was very painful, the range of motion was severely restricted, and Chan couldn't perform his daily activities or play golf.
Numerous physiotherapy sessions (ultrasound, electrotherapy, manual therapy, weights, etc.), chiropractic, massage therapy didn't help. Chan was in constant pain, couldn't move his arm, and woke up at night because of the pain.
In 2008, Chan started a course of treatment at our Clinic with the Regenerative Photonic Therapy LEP 2000™ and a progressive exercise program. He completely recovered and returned to his normal life and avorite activities. In 2012, Chan was treated successfully at our Clinic for wrist pain; at that time, his shoulder still was fine.
Natasha Salansky, "In August 2019, I spoke to Chan and was pleased to find out that his shoulder and the entire body are in good shape. He made a comment that he still keeps the phone number of our Clinic just in case there is a need."

Maureen's story

Maureen, "I was very lucky to find this photonic and laser therapy with Dr. Natasha Salansky. The results were nothing short of miraculous."
Natasha Salansky, "In July 2019, I called Maureen and was happy to hear that after her recovery from an auto acident injury she had been fine for 15 years. Unfortunately, many injuries result in post-traumatic arthritis. RPT LEP 2000™ can reverse them at any stage."
Maureen shares her story
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in May of 2002 and got severe injuries to my right hip, fracture of left thumb and whiplash. Nothing helped. Severe arthritis developed in my hip and thumb. I spent 2.5 years being totally nonfunctional.
Now I am enjoying life again and I am back to my favourite activities: walking, swimming, painting, playing with my grandchildren, shopping, etc. I hope that this letter will inspire others who are suffering needlessly to get help from this wonderful treatment.

From May of 2002 until the summer of 2004 I had all of the traditional treatments for my problems: physio, massage therapy, and took lots and lots of pain killers. I might also add that when I saw one of the therapists in spring of 2004, she wanted to use therapeutic ultrasound on my left hand to try to improve it, but the pain from it was extremely intense.
There was no help, and arthritis developed in my hip and thumb. Because of the hip problem I could not walk even one block because of the pain, going up or down stairs was impossible, and sitting in the car for any length of time was also not possible. My fractured thumb was so painful that I could not pull up a pair of socks or anything else; I could not even pick up anything as light as a Kleenex by that hand. A specialist at a hospital said that there was virtually nothing that could be done for my left hand except for surgery, and there would not be a 100% recovery guarantee.
I was very lucky to find this photonic and laser therapy with Dr. Natasha Salansky. The results were nothing short of miraculous. I felt less pain from the first treatment and in fact every treatment provides remarkable, immediate pain relief. I would also like to comment on the use of the photonic device, LEP, at home that was purchased for me by the Insurance Company. With this device I feel confident that I can relieve pain anytime, it also helped to expedite recovery when office visits were delayed.
In fact, I cured my post-traumatic hip arthritis with the photonic home device. I now can walk for hours instead of 5 minutes, after 3 years of someone at work opening a bottle of juice every day for me I can do it myself, I also expect to get back on the cross country skis this coming winter. The pain in my right hip is almost nill and when I do experience some discomfort, I use the home device and am like new again.

Watch more success stories on our YouTube Channel.

Symbolic golden keys

The Golden Keys to High Efficacy of RPT LEP 2000™

A golden key to high efficacy of Regenerative Photonic Therapy (RPT) is instant - right after the treatment - and long-lasting significant pain relief.
This lasting pain relief is achieved after every session in over 90% of the treatment sessions at our Clinic. This is a result of the application of multiple laser- and LED light rays, one after another, to the painful, damaged tissues, with each light ray producing a specific therapeutic, healing effect and contributing to the overall pain releif and healing.
The RPT treatments at our Clinic are delivered using LEP 2000™ Photonic Therapy System depicted below. The LEP 2000™ Photonic Therapy System is licensed by Health Canada and FDA.

LEP 2000TM System LEP 2000™ Photonic Therapy System

Next we demonstrate how RPT works and how it brings about instant pain relief drawing upon the example of Don, an arborist, whom we helped to completely recover from a full large rotator cuff tear without a surgery.
After Don sustained the injury in May 2018, he was in excruciating pain for 2 weeks and was unable to lift his left arm. Following these 2 weeks of suffering, Don received more than 50% pain relief right after the first treatment at our Clinic.
This remarkable pain relief allowed our specialist to guide Don through special exercises, and his range of motion increased significantly right after the first treatment.
Don was able to start regular exercises right away to speed up recovery and to prevent muscle atrophy. Suffice it to mention that clinical MRI data clearly show that after a month of not using the muscles (because of a cast, after full tendon tears, etc.) they become atrophied. Don is happy to share his story of complete recovery from a full large rotator cuff tear without surgery.


Daily Treatments and Pain Relief at Home
with LEP 2000™ Photonic Therapy Device
Are Another Golden Key for Full Recovery
in Challenging Cases.

Heal Your Pain and Reverse Other
Symptoms with LEP 2000™!

Knee pain therapy Back pain therapy Shoulder pain therapy

In order to achieve quicker and fuller recovery, Don used LEP 2000™ daily at home in addition to being treated weekly at the Clinic. Moreover, when Don reinjured badly the same shoulder, he was able to heal that additional trauma and related pain the same day just with three treatments at home, using LEP 2000™. The LEP 2000™ device is available for rent at our Clinic. The rent-to-own option is also available.

Call us for treatment today at 905-882-8181
and you too can live a pain-free life,
enjoying your favorite activities,
for many years to come.

The treatments are covered by extended insurance plans.


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